Saturday, October 9, 2010

Four seasons of a relationship

Have you ever heard of the four seasons of a relationship? I believe most of you know what it is; perhaps, you have already experienced it before, especially for those who committed in a long-term relationship.


The transition between winter and summer. It’s broadly refers to the ideas of rebirth or renewal. Once a person started a new relationship, he/she will step into the Spring of a relationship.
When you couple with someone you like, you will have the intention to know more about him/her, don’t you? Springtime is always full of curiosity and most of the people are good at dealing with it. We will always think he/she is better than the previous one. So, our past unhappiness will slowly be gone and revel in rediscovered of the new partner.


Summertime, it is so called the romance stage. Couple will find that everything is just absolutely amazing. Both of you are still at your best behaviour. Couple are still hiding their bad habits just to show him that, Hey look, I’m so perfect.

Even when you feel like farting or digging your nose while having dinner with the bf, you will just tahannnnn until you reached home or when the bf is not around.
At this stage, your body will keep producing large amount of endorphins which makes you feel unusually happy and excited about everything in your life!! Even when you see a big hot guy/ hot chick right in front of you, you might just think that, Oh, mine is the BEST. Everyone hopes to live in a constant summertime relationship.


I believe this happens in some of the long term relationships only; some couples are so lovely and will never get bored of the other half, so, they will be living in a constant summertime.

This happens after the last day of summertime. Relationship grows colder with each passing day. You will most likely begin to pull away from each other at this stage, and as a result, even small annoyances will become big issues. This is the stage when you define unacceptable behaviours.

If both of you are willing to tolerate, listen and solve the problems together, negotiate the landmines together, there is a possibility to reverse back to summertime before you proceed to the winter time.


At this stage, there is no shame in revealing their dislike for each other. Most of the couple will just give up their relationship at this stage and prepare for the coming Spring time.
Of course there are some cases where couple living in a constant wintertime. Is there a way for couple who have made a habit of ignoring, hurting and attacking each other to regain their long lost JOY? YES!

The best solution is by thinking of all the sweet memories. The way you met him/her, and all the sweet memories happened in between. Feel the love?

But, if both of you are not meant to be together....just let it be.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

When September ends.

Yea, end of September. So? It's time to wake up and blog about it. There were so many farewells and stuff. This post consists of everything happened during the whole month. I hope it won't turn out to be a messy post. =)
First of all,

The Girls Night Out

What girls like to do? Gossip. So, basically, the purpose of Girls night out is to update each other about other people. Get it? *ding*. Of course, to catch up with them as well. It's been a while since we had the previous night out.
We had our dinner at Delicious, One Utama.

Beef bolognese

Green tea is my favourite drink because it makes me feel less guilty
 after eating fattening stuff!

Finn & Mabes

Jia Wen - Whey Jinn

Me - Yivonne

Allana - Nicole

Had so much fun chatting with them. Some of them left earlier, the rest T utti Fruity after dinner! I used to hate yogurt because it makes my tongue feels weird. Surprisingly, Tutti Fruity frozen yogurt is so different and..i like it!

Liese Bubble Hair Colour

Dyed my hair with Liese Glossy Brown, wanted to try Sweet Apricot but its not available in Malaysia yet
 :(  The colour turned out  to be quite even. Personally, i think its even better than hair saloon because its way cheaper and the whole process was fun!

Dinner at Yong Ching's

Yong Ching came back from U.S and they decided to have a simple gathering at his place.

Had dinner at the garden

Jeffrey's hat

Su Kheng - Me - Sher Wen

Adrian's Farewell

Had Bbq farewell party at Adrian's place before he left for U.K. Yivonne brought her pet, Reptar, all the while i was just playing the the little thing. He is so photogenic, maybe because its green in colour. haha


Picture credit to yivonne

That's all! I'll end my post with a picture of me and Reptar!
Owhh~ So cute right  =)

See ya, Stay tune for the next post. I'll update once a week if possible but not during exams!
From now on, my blog posts will be more on cooking or baking because i'm currently addicted in baking. hehehe